Experience this powerful energetic healing and balance by Jess Lee from the comfort of your own home.


Take this vital time for yourself as you step away from the responsibilities of every day life, to take care of the most important person of all – YOU.

Connecting over the phone, you on your bed or couch and Jess Lee at her healing table. With your eyes closed, it will be as if you are in the same room. Jess will carry out the balance as if you are on the table in front of her.


Together you will co-create a space of healing divine energy for your highest good and receiving guidance on exactly what your soul is wanting to communicate with you at this time.


The intention is that you will leave the session feeling clear, balanced and at peace, ready to step back into life from a place of alignment.





Do you have something showing up in your life that you would like to gain clarity on, or are you ready to move forward but feeling stuck?


A combination of energetic healing and intuitive coaching, this two hour session with Jess Lee will help you to gain clarity and gain momentum.


Intuitively guided, Jess will take the session in the direction that feels most aligned with you and your needs.


This is your opportunity to heal, illuminate and release limiting beliefs, release emotion, energetic blocks and more. Leave this session with crystal clear clarity, a sense of peace and ready to move forward.






This is for the woman who is ready for massive change, growth and complete support.

Beginning with the Clarity Experience – A guided audio to help you tap into your deepest desires for this time together. 


Includes  6 x 1 hour Intuitive Coaching Sessions combined with spiritual and emotional healing.


Gain complete clarity on your direction, and take massive action but the most powerful way to move forward (and with super speed) is to first go inward. To communicate with our soul and what she is asking of us.


To get into total alignment and to illuminate the fears and beliefs which are holding us back from reaching those goals.


Often, it may be that the external goals which once were so important, slip away, replaced by much more fulfilling goals around how you would like to FEEL in life.


Together, with unlimited voice message support from Jess Lee and fortnightly sessions, you will undertake an empowering healing journey with her by your side. It’s time to embrace even more of yourself than ever before and let go of that which is no longer serving you.


Investment - $1497 Payment Plans Available

(upfront, weekly or fortnightly over 3 months)


HOW TO BOOK: Book your first session (this will be same time /day each fortnight) and pay a deposit of $125 which will secure your place.

You will then receive an email with your first steps, including the options for your payment and your clarity experience audio.


I am honoured to take this journey with you!

© Copyrights by JESS LEE WILLIAMS. All Rights Reseved.